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Online dance classes from top artists in the Philippines

PhP250/class or PhP599/unlimited dance classes for 1 month

Share your talent and expertise with a wider audience in and outside the Philippines. Make Korio Studios your platform for teaching online dance classes, and enjoy multiple earning opportunities. With Korio, you can grow your following, reach more students and promote your other dance classes.

Korio Studios online dance teacher
online dance class studio partner

Grow your business with  Korio! Our teachers need amazing dance spaces all over the Philippines where they can showcase their work.  Partner with Korio to promote your studio spaces and to earn rental and referral income.

About Korio Studios

Korio produces online dance classes instructed by Filipino dance teachers and choreographers.

We are a family of dancers who want to celebrate the artistry of Pinoy dance. On our platform, we aim to showcase the best of the industry and hopefully inspire the same love of dance in people of all ages and abilities. 

Korio Studios team
About Korio Studios
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